November 28, 2015

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Tough talk about life, love, dating, heartaches (and how to avoid them), STDs, fertility, loneliness, sex, real commitment, and finding happiness, true love and marrying happily ever after! Cheaper than a Plan-B Pill, and less painful than waiting for him to call you back, only to break your heart! What most guys, boyfriends, sex education programs, feminists, colleges, abortion facilities and the media will never tell you! It’s all inside “Watch Out Ladies!”
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Watch Out Ladies Rave Review - Nadia Panahandeh, Ambitious Young WomanBOOK REVIEW: “I love this book! I am a college student living in San Diego, and the messages in this book are so relatable! Sweta is so inspiring, and she was able to open my eyes to the warning signs that have been camouflaged in so many ways. Let me just start by saying I have learned so many new things about life, dating, and even life AFTER college. Thanks for writing this book, it should be in every lady’s dorm room. The authors are seriously not joking when they say this book a “crystal ball for every young woman”. It will help you save so many years of trouble and in my case PAIN.” ~ Nadia Panahandeh, Ambitious Young Woman
Look Inside Watch Out Ladies
Watch Out Ladies Approved By Therapist   Watch Out Ladies Approved By Therapist
Introduction (What’s Going On?)
1. Let’s Head Out Ladies
2. Strangers In The Night!
3. Here We Go Again!
4. Is That All There Is?
5. Time To Rebuild Me!
6. Been There Before!
7. Age Discrimination!
8. Inevitable Loneliness!
9. How Did We Get Here?
10. Stuff You Should Know!
11. Father Knows Best
and So Does Mom!
12. Happily Ever After!
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Meet The Authors
  Dr. Andrea Purcell NMD of“I’ve been a natural medical doctor for more than a decade, and specialize in women’s health and hormones. In that time, I have seen a lot of women come into my office with a variety of health issues that I can assist them with.

Another aspect of my practice is in educating women about their health and empowering them to lead healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Having said that, there’s one thing that isn’t so much in my control is how women choose to be in their personal relationships.

Many women tend to over give in relationships and not get the same effort back in return. This leads to depletion of mind, body and spirit; and often a lack of respect from the men they choose to be with.

The way things are today, with the push for higher education, equality in the workplace, and women taking on virtually any job done by a man, the respect of who we are as women has been altered. Many women get to the fourth decade of their lives single, alone and disappointed. I believe this happens for two reasons:

(1) We don’t spend enough time getting really clear on what we want and need from a healthy supportive relationship.
(2) We know what we need, but we don’t demand it.

Watch Out Ladies is chock-full of insights, tips and dating guidelines sure to help every young woman by pointing out the pitfalls women fall into, and hopefully will prevent women (who read the book) from falling into many others.

Watch Out Ladies, offers some really great food for thought about how we (as women) can handle our dating relationships with men so we can get exactly what we want (and need) from them.”

~ Dr. Andrea P. (NMD)                        READ MORE REVIEWS
Specializing In Women’s Health

Watch Out Ladies is the Crystal Ball for every woman!

Watch Out Ladies Book Reviews
Watch Out Sign“As a Dad, I am always cautioning my two daughters to be aware of their behavior, their dress, and their surroundings because most men are predators that are seeking whatever they can conquer. Of course, “That’s just Dad talking. He doesn’t have a clue about things today. Besides, I know this guy is not that way.”

Finally, the advice that most dads would love to give their daughters is given by someone else. But, not just anyone, a young lady that is very close to their age. This book is written in a very direct tone, with nothing held back. I found myself almost blushing sometimes because the content was so matter of fact.

Every dad should buy this for his daughter before she begins to date. Every daughter should be required to read it before she accepts the first date request. It’s that important.

~ James Dunn
Maverick Growth Solutions & Great Father of Two

“Watch Out Ladies couldn’t have been written at a more opportune time. With the terrible crushing of the family unit in America, the rise in divorce, immodesty and many people flat out using each other for sex, I applaud Sweta Patel and Bart Smith for the book you are about to hold in your hands!

Many chapters of this book rang so much truth for me. I wish I had this book back in my day! I grew up in California in the 60′s and 70′s and adopted all the culture it had to provide, which meant staying SINGLE and AVOIDING MARRIAGE for as long as I could. What a LOSING proposition that was, and for so many of our young ladies today.

It’s evident, ladies today have missed the (importance of marriage) boat, and are now single, going into their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. I have talked to several single women who say, “There is nothing out there!” They are disgusted as they continue to seek Mr. Perfect. They need this book! Implementing what’s in it will cause men to shape up!

Our culture is in desperate need of some TRUTH. Forget what the experts on TV say and get the facts straight from within the pages of Watch Out Ladies so you know what you are truly up against. The authors have written this book in a clean and easy-to-read style. Trust me, once you take their information to heart, you will see that you will not be alone (or lonely) in life now or ever again; let alone kicked to the curb the next morning by some yahoo.

I have known and worked with Bart Smith, one of the co-authors of Watch Out Ladies for several years. He knows exactly what he is talking about. He has no need for degrees or certificates proving he has completed a course of formal education. His insights on life and experience trumps all of it. Bart is sharing only the truths you need to hear; if you ever plan on having any type of love in your life. Sweta Patel, also co-author of Watch Out Ladies, is an absolute gem to know. She brings first-hand stories and insightful messages to young women from her observations in college, as well as the current dating world. Her messages teach young women what they need to ‘watch out’ for, and what they need to know as they venture through the ‘social jungle’ of life. I just wish I had this book when I was in my early to mid 20’s, as it would have saved me a lot of wasted time, effort and heartache. I’ll tell you this, I wouldn’t be on my third marriage right now, if I had access to what’s inside Watch Out Ladies.

Karen Van Cleef, Wife/Mother & CEO/FounderLadies, read this book, and learn what’s in it well. Read it cover to cover, as if you’re life depended on it. And, with 1 in 3 young women today contracting an STD, your life may just depend on it. Well, if not your life, your ability to have children. THIS IS SERIOUS! Watch Out Ladies will save you a lot of heartache and unnecessary pain in your life. Also, for those ladies who are currently married and are thinking of getting divorced to find something better out there, forget it! Stay in your marriage and make it work. Chapter 11, Happily Ever After was written to help young ladies get married and stay married! Wow, what a book.”

~ Karen Van Cleef, Wife/Mother & CEO/Founder
of &


Sweta Patel, Co-Author of Watch Out Ladies“Watch Out Ladies is an intriguing, entertaining, thoughtful and honest read. I love the perspectives, advice shared, examples of different detailed scenarios drawn up, ranging from the college experience to the real world. How the authors conveyed the mindset that different women might have when searching for a man to date, hoping he might turn out to be that “significant other”, willing to commit, and not leave them high ‘n’ dry after he gets what he wants (i.e., sex), is extremely profound, to say the least.

The examples showcased in the book are so real-to-life! I love the critical thinking that went into the composition of the entire book warning ladies to ‘watch out’ for certain (dating) signs, be wise, be patient, observant, keep an alert perceptive, stay logical, and understand that finding real love with a committed gentleman is far greater (and worth the wait), than any one-night-stand, risky casual sex, friends-with-benefits hook-up lie or sharing wet, passionate moments with … just a friend.

Throughout the book, the authors detail how important it is to find a man who will be supportive, committed and willing to be a responsible father going forward. This is the true essence of a loving relationship! I should know, I am who I describe. I think the strong words of encouragement and love the authors express towards the female population is something that is not prevalent in today’s mass media, as such, this is why I feel this book is so needed.

And coming from you, Sweta, being young, driven, intelligent, wise, successful, etc., you will help reach those in your target market with more impact! I feel your words have a lot of power reaching out to the younger generation. If they listen to you and adopt the same mindset, actions, and practices you discuss in your book, they will put themselves in a better position to get what they want. What’s that? Well, instead of contributing to the broken hearts, potential STDs, depression, and loneliness that is experienced when one lives recklessly, foolishly, ignorantly, carelessly or in a state of naivety (i.e., getting tricked by men’s games; who want one thing – their bodies), women will fair better in the long run.

Temporary, lustful moments do come with a bigger price to pay in the long run, and won’t lead to the satisfaction of a lasting loyal, loving relationship with Mr. Right. My mother always taught me that ‘a few moments of pleasure, ism’t worth the long lasting pain the long run,’ and abstinence and chastity are virtues that should be pursued more than lust when it comes to this goal of love and happiness of relationships. I could go on. I really enjoyed this book. Even I, a man, am that much more better off having read it.

I know Sweta Patel, and I’m very proud of her for co-authoring a book like this with Bart Smith. I know teamed up, they can really make a difference in the lives of so many females who care to listen and do right by themselves. For the males reading this book, they should look at themselves in the mirror, and change their ways immediately. PROUD, PROUD, PROUD I am to know the authors of this book, and have read Watch Out Ladies.

~ Jaquan Barnett, CEO & Founder
Beautiful Noize Entertainment LLC
A Man With Standards

Robert Sanchez“The morals and ethics of Watch Out Ladies are what this world needs, because of the confusion of mores and folkways of our children’s generation. The writing of this book serves as a reality check on relationships of young adults with peers, as well as parents, with young adults. This book gives us the critical insight, perspective and understanding on the universal ramifications of love and relationships where young women are concerned in today’s climate of the hook-up culture. Parents, teachers, counselors and young ladies … get this book!

~ Robert Sanchez, Concerned Gentleman
CEO of Cherple & Globaltech Media

“First and foremost, I am a husband and a father of two beautiful little girls. Second, I am also a professional speaker and author of several relationship books that deal with the very topics (Bart and Sweta cover in Watch Out Ladies) throughout black communities and on college campuses all across the United States.

Having said that, you have to know, I was thoroughly impressed with what was covered inside Watch Out Ladies. I mean, this one book covers so much of everything a young lady definitely needs to watch out for in the world of dating and interacting with men. Period. When I read through Watch Out Ladies, I was blown away at how much they packed within each chapter, from start to finish.

Hasani Pettiford, Author of Black Thighs Black Guys & Bedroom LiesI know my daughters will hear these same warnings from their mother and I about growing up in a world where 1 in 3 young women will have an STD by their early 20′s, that as young as 12 and 14, they will be propositioned to have sex by a boy their age or older; that many boys will just play them for their own gain. My girls have their mother and I to warn them about these messages, while so many young ladies don’t. Watch Out Ladies helps confirm there is a need to ‘watch out’ for our daughters like never before. Read WOL, and it will spell it out for you.

So, for all those parents out there, for their daughters’ sake, get this book and read it so your daughters don’t get played for a lay, or engage in dangerous sex on campus, get an STD, grow up alone and single into later adulthood. I could go on. WOL will definitely help them steer clear of the dangers and learn the true benefits of choosing abstinence over promiscuity, until they find that one true love. A must-read by all.”

~ Hasani Pettiford, Husband/Father & Author of
Black Thighs, Black Guys & Bedroom Lies

(One of the most profound books ever written on relationships,
which clearly exposes how lust, deception and sexual self-gratification
ultimately destroy both the individual and the relationship.)


“When I was asked to provide a testimonial for Watch Out Ladies, I was honored. I couldn’t wait to get my proof copy and start reading. Sadly, and to my dismay, and having read through the book several times, I found myself almost unsure if I could provide the authors with what they were looking for in terms of a positive testimonial about the book. That was because I actually found the book and its message(s) to be, well, kind of harsh. Not in a bad way, but in the kind of way that actually described my life, and those of my friends, to a “T”. You see, I’m a divorced mom in my late 30′s, with several female friends around my same age either still single or divorced themselves.

What struck such a strong cord with me about Watch Out Ladies, was in the way the authors described in detail, ‘if you do X, you’re going to wind up being an EX!’ Having read through the book, I look back on my life and say to myself, ‘where was this book when I was in my (early) 20′s? Where was someone to tell me what to watch out for and how so I wouldn’t end up where I am today?” There was no one.

Having gone through what today’s young ladies face now, I know what the authors say in this book is absolutely true, because I’ve lived it. Having made my own mistakes in dating, like so many of us, trying to find love, looking for an honest man to marry, etc., I know that today’s young women all need this book.

Bart and Sweta? My friends and I are anxiously waiting for your next book on what to do after we didn’t watch out! Ladies, parents, single moms/dads, get this book in your hands and read it cover to cover. You’ll be glad you did. Again, I wish this book came out with I was younger. I could have avoided a lot of mistakes I hope today’s ladies, watch out, and avoid making the same makes I did.”

~ L. Simmons, Single Mom
Who Loves Her Baby Boy

“Being the father of 3 girls, all in their early to mid teens, and happily married for 20 years I am absolutely in agreement with what’s inside Watch Out Ladies. Today’s young women, whether they’re going through their teenage years, or in their early 20′s, need to know how important it is ‘watch out’, as the title says. We live in a world where sex is not just everywhere, it’s destroying the very foundations and traditions that keep families together.

I have five children in total (2 sons, 3 daughters) and as a family, we make sure our children hear the messages in this book. We teach our kids to wait until they are married to be sexually active. That is very difficult in today’s, “if it feels good, do it” society. We have always taught our daughters to be strong, expect boys to treat them with respect and stand firm on their convictions. We have always been very active in our kids’ lives which leads to open communication. Todd Woods

Watch Out Ladies should be a must-read by every mother and father wanting to learn more about what their young daughters face today and how they can avoid the pitfalls so many young women fall into.

~ Todd W., Husband/Father of Five (3 Girls, 2 Boys)
Franchise Owner, Marketing & Business Consultant

“Bravo to the authors of Watch Out Ladies, for writing a book every young women needs to get their hands on before they fall deep into trouble dabbling in the casual, sexual affairs that affect the heart, mind and the soul of a woman.

My daughter, who’s in college, pledged with me her vow not to have sex before marriage. To the degree she’s been able to keep that promise so far, she has seen the difference it makes in her life compared to those who caved under pressure from their boyfriends, no doubt. She’s seen many of them wind up dropping out of college, feeling abandoned, alone, depressed. All these experiences remain as constant evidence that she’s on the right path as she finishes her studies and graduates college with high marks.Jackie Jones

Watch Out Ladies, through all its stories, and real-life circumstances, describes in detail how a young lady should proceed through the “social jungle” of dating men as the authors describe it.

I love to reach out to young women of all ages, and you can be sure, I’ll be recommending this book to every single one of them. They all need to be told to watch out!

~ Jackie Jones, Mom & Entrepreneur
Las Vegas, NV

“As an expert speaker and author on suicide, and President of the American Association of Suicidology, any message that can get out to our teens and young women on how to prevent any thought of depression or suicide or the actual act of it, must be given the type of exposure I hope Watch Out Ladies gets and deserves.

While sex alone isn’t the one and only cause for young people to consider thoughts of suicide, or act out on it, it (i.e., casual sex) is still in one of the high-risk behaviors that can lead someone we love to take their own life if they were depressed enough about what they had done or how they felt after they participated in such an activity. Something we can never take … casually.

These findings are especially true for young women. About 25% of all sexually active girls say they are depressed all, most, if not much of the time. Compare that with only 10% of young women who are not sexually active, who say they feel the same. Now, just imagine the high rate at which young men leave women after having had sex with them; only to move on to their next female conquest. How do you think this leaves our young women feeling? You guessed it. Depressed.

The message that Watch Out Ladies puts out there is real regarding the setbacks, heartbreaks, diseases, and mental anxiety young women experience (related to having sex outside a committed relationship) compared to how sex is portrayed in the media, movies, music and in pop culture, in general. Their message, misleading as it is, says that all forms of non-marital sexual activity are fun and glamorous. That no harm can come to you.

So, kudos to both Sweta Patel and Bart Smith for writing such a book like Watch Out Ladies to contradict those false messages, only to bring truth and light to the growing epidemic of hook-up sex, casual encounters and how women are left treated in those respects.

I hope Watch Out Ladies gets in the hands of every young women, before and during those moments of self-doubt and depression during and after any sexual breakup. The extreme option, for these young ladies, to take is not a pretty one.

~ Michelle Linn-Gust, Ph.D., Author/Speaker/ Suicide Expert
Author of Are There Bad Days In Heaven? Surviving the
Suicide Loss of a Sibling and President of the American
Association of Suicidology.

“I’ve helped produce a lot of TV talk show programs you’ve probably seen on TV before. Big names, big brands. If I mentioned them, you’d recognize them right away. I currently work for two of them producing a court room TV show in Los Angeles, CA and a legal/crime discussion show on national TV in Atlanta, GA. (TV takes me everywhere!)

In all the TV shows I’ve helped produce covering relationships, dating, marriage/divorce, sex, cheating/infidelity, women dating older/younger men (and visa verse), … of all the books I’ve seen come across my desk, and authors guest-star on my shows, I’ve never seen a book like Watch Out Ladies.

Jen SalazarLadies, get this book. It’s a one-of-a-kind relationship book for women on dating and marriage. All in one book! I loved reading it. It was a fast read, despite the size, yikes! The stories, the history of our culture, and how we got here, what to do/not do when dating, who to date, who not to date, and tips on getting married and helping to get that guy off the fence if you’ve been dating a guy for more than a year or two and want him to propose to you. Wow! What ISN’T in this book.

Watch Out Ladies is truly a book for the times. Every young woman who wants to avoid getting their heart strung along the dating highway of life needs this book!”

~ Jen S., TV Producer
Lookin’ Out For That One Great Man!

“This book is for females of all ages. It touches on relevant issues, provides important information, and offers practical advice. Whether you are single and looking, happy to be alone, dating, or married with children, Watch Out Ladies brings to light your past, present, or future. And while some women may not want to hear the truth, Watch Out Ladies definitely speaks it.”

~ Dominique A., New Jersey

David Henderson, Father/Husband/Retired Marine“As a father of a 13 year old daughter, who is also entering the ‘danger zone’ of high school, it is critical to have this book as a reference. The stories are entertaining and informational while driving the point home that relationships are vital and loose morals lead to a life of loneliness. Watch Out Ladies can hopefully bring back the days of courtship and build successful relationships one at a time!”

~ David Henderson, Happily Married Husband
and the Father of a 13 Year Old Daughter

“I’m a happily married mom of 4 girls and 1 boy, and I have to tell you, Watch Out Ladies couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I have two daughters in high school, and the mothers and I talk. We know that girls are under so much more pressure to engage in all sorts of (peer pressure) activities today (related to sex) than ever before. What I love about Watch Out Ladies, are the stories my teenage daughters can read before they head back to school or even before they even head off to college. The real-to-life stories, the consequences, the dangers, what young women should look out for, it’s all in Watch Out Ladies. I know I’ll be sharing this book with all my (mom) friends and their daughters. It’s that important.

~ Sara K., Mom, Illinois